Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Herb for Allergy, Cold, Running Nose and more

                            Herbal cure for Allergy, Running nose and cold

Stop wasting your money, think natural and think traditionally. The world was created and all the living things were created. God gave command to humans to dominate all other lower beings and plants and all creatures. He gave us wisdom to differentiate between useful elements and dangerous objects; He also gave us the liberty and natural freedom to do whatever we choose to do. All existing laws which we are forced to abide by are laws made by man.

Herbalists are scientist that nature gave knowledge to discover herbs that can heal us when we get sick. Herbs are part of shrubs, trees and grasses we match on, cut or even burn as bushes. Fortunately many of the plants have been distinguished as herbs. A typical example is the Bitter Kola. This is Nut that grow from a big tree. As the name sounds it is really BITTER when chewed. However it is medicinal - antibiotic and it cures allergy symptoms, running nose, cold, sore throat and more. If you want to know more about the Bitter Kola go to my hub at: